Developer FAQs

Do I have a say in the particular ads will appear on my app(s)?Absolutely, every advertisement can be approved or rejected by you. It's your app you should decide what advertisements appear.

How do I approve the ads I am hosting on my app(s)?Simply log into your account and approve the ads you want to appear on your app(s). We also have an auto-approve feature which will automatically approve ads for you.

How do I know if my app is approved to host ads?We screen every app that applies to MobiGirl Media to make sure it meets our requirements. If your app is not approved, you will receive a notification from us

How much can I typically earn by hosting ads on my app(s)?App developers earn a 65% sales commission.

How am I paid for the ads hosted on my app?All North American developers receive a monthly commission check – mailed directly to you (some thresholds may apply). For developers residing outside of North America, we use PayPal. All of our payments are automatic, meaning you'll never have to worry about tracking down a commission payment.

For more payment information, please contact our billing department at

How do I start the process of hosting ads on my app(s)? To get started, simply register on the site and tell us about your company and your app. Then you'll be given directions on how to download the SDK.

How do I install the SDK?Once you sign up as a developer and are approved, you will be sent login and installation instructions. If you're having any technical issues, you can contact our support team 24 hours a day at

How large is your SDK?Our SDK will only add 1.1MB to your app's file size.

Do you offer a tap for tap or other Ad Exchange program?Yes, we offer a free Ad Exchange program. For more information about the Ad Exchange program please contact:

I still have questions.If you still have questions contact our support team at