MobiGirl Media - Sell Your Products

Girls live on their phones and when it comes to promoting your girl-centric product, service or organization you know how important it is to reach these girls.

That's why we want to help take your products from "Whatever" to "OMG!"

Football and lipstick?Let's be honest. You are not going to sell a lot of makeup with an ad that appears in a Fantasy Football app. That's why MobiGirl Media works so well - we connect the products, organizations and services created for girls directly to girls - and only in the apps that make sense for girls! MobiGirl Media is a targeted mobile advertising network that speaks to girls - it's that simple.

No Confusing Mumbo Jumbo We've made it easy. You don't need a degree in advertising, your own group of marketing gurus, or to even know the meaning of CPM, CPC or CTR to use MobiGirl Media. Our user-friendly statistics and tools make setting up and tracking your campaigns a breeze – we keep it simple, honest, and fun – just the way it should be.

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Busy? Creative Block? Let us do the design work for you! Check out our Custom Design Service.

Simply put - We want your advertising experience to be amazing and bring the results you are looking for.