MobiGirl Media - Sell Ads and Earn More

Congrats! You've made a great app that girls love! Now you're wondering how to make some extra money by hosting ads on those apps.  At MobiGirl Media we connect advertisers to girls via the apps they !

How we're different--and awesome! Unlike other mobile advertising networks, we work hard to ensure that the only ads that appear on your girl app are ads that girls are interested in. So, why is that important?

Every time girls engage with your app, they will also be presented with compelling, targeted, interesting and fun ads for products and services targeted just for them. No more "tuning out" of those annoying ads. Girls love MobiGirl ads!

From make-up to hair accessories, you decide. We want to make this a win-win for everybody - the girls who use your apps, also the wonderful people who advertise on your apps and you the developer, who has worked so hard on your app. We also know how important it is to keep control. After all, it's your app - shouldn't you have a say in which ads appear on it? That's why we include you in the process and give you the power to decide which ads to host.

No hula-hoops to jump here! We want to help you earn more and we want your experience to be amazing. We do this with a fast sign-up, easy-to-install SDK, simple-to-use dashboard, great customer service and great results.

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Wait-- there's more!
Our service has a lot of options for you to promote your apps at no cost! Join our App Ad Exchange* to gain tons of users for free! Developers who enroll in the Ad Exchange pool benefit by sharing available ad slots. It's simple, opt in when you sign up and you will automatically be enrolled.