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My Account

How do I cancel my account? Email, include your account number in the email.

Lost your password?Go to the login screen and click on "forgot password" link.


What are your ad specifications (ad sizes and file formats)?Visit our Ad Design Center for information about accepted ad sizes and file formats.

How do I halt a campaign? Go to the Managed Ads section of your dashboard and select cancel. It may take up to 24 for the ad to stop appearing.

Why did my ad get rejected? Your ad or product may not meet our network requirements. Some of the reasons may include: Inappropriate content or product, Poor quality creative, Questionable link(s) and/or business contact. Please contact us at and we can assist you.

Can I limit my campaign to run in a specific geographical area?Not at this time.

Must I run banner AND full page ads? No, you can choose any combination of ad units.

My business is not located in the US. Can I join the network? Yes.

What happens if the ad slot price changes during my campaign? The ad slot price is good and locked for one month. Any changes in price that occur during this month will not affect the ad price. Changes to the price will take effect the following month.


Do you support video/html5?Yes. Please contact or call us at: 323.522.5561.

How do you protect user privacy?Mobigirl Media and our SDK adheres to the strictest privacy protection for its users. We do not collect or share any user information. In addition, MobiGirl media makes every effort to comply with COPPA - the Children's Online Protection Agency.

What is COPPA?Coppa is the Children's Online Privacy Protection Agency. For more information, please contact:

Can I resubmit my ad/app if I get rejected?Yes. Please contact or call us at: 323.522.5561.

What is a share/save?This is a feature in our proprietary SDK that allows girls to Save your ad to a favorites list and to Share your ad with friends and family.

What if a developer removes or pauses their app in the appstore? In this case, we will prorate and refund the difference.

My business is not located in the US. Can I join the network? Yes.

Do you support Android? Not at this time.

Does your SDK work with other ad networks. You can install other ad networks' SDKs in your app without conflicts, but not in the same View Controller. We do not allow ads from other ad networks to be displayed within our SDK, but you may place House Ads to be served within our SDK at no cost. Contact for more information.

What is a house ad?A house ad is an ad used to promote your own app.

What is the Ad Exchange?Our free Ad Exchange offers developers a way to cross-promote their apps and gain additional users. Find out more information about the add exchange program please contact:

Billing and Payments

How do I get paid? We issue monthly commission checks or pay via paypal. We mail commission checks two business weeks after the close of the previous month. There is a $100.00 threshold that must be met before a check is issued. Commissions will rollover until this threshold is met. Please indicate in My Account how you would like to be paid. Payments outside of the United States will be issued through Paypal.

Do you accept paypal? No, our merchant service vendor is For more information please visit:

Need to change your info/password/address/credit card info? Your account information can be accessed, changed or updated in the My Account section.

What is auto-renew? Auto-renew is a feature that we offer that renews your ad campaign automatically. This feature can be turned on or off at any time. If auto-renew is active and the ad slot changes price, you will be notified via email.

SDK Support

What is an SDK? SDK stands for Software Developer Kit and it is the piece of software that needs to be installed in your app in order for the ad network to function.

Where can I download the SDK? You can download the SDK from our website.

How do I install the SDK? SDK installation instructions are on the website and contained within the SDK download.

How large is your SDK? The MobiGirl Media SDK will only add 1.1MB to your app's file size.

How do I update your SDK? We will notify you when the SDK requires an update. The new version will be available on your dashboard.

Do I have to update your SDK? In order to take advantage of any new features or fixes, the newest version of the SDK must be installed.

I want to remove the SDK from my app. We have the ability to disable the SDK at any time. Please call us or email to implement this feature. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for the SDK to stop running ads.

What if I still have questions? Please email our support team at Or call us at 323.522.5561.

SDK Troubleshooting

My app flips upside down. How can I fix it?

With iOS 6, Apple has introduced new rotation methods.
It is important to implement the following methods in your view controller that manages MGAd.

The following method needs to return all supported orientations your app may need.
-(NSUInteger) supportedInterfaceOrientations

The following method will be called by MGAd when presenting a full page ad. Based on your config, return the appropriate method.

For older iOS (<6.0), the following method needs to be added.
- (BOOL) shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation