Why MobiGirl Media?

We took the blindfold off. MobiGirl Media is a premium mobile ad network that focuses on one target – girls. With us, you speak directly to millions of girls, aged 6 to 16 about your products and services.  Reach them in a language they understand, 24/7.  Our self-serve website makes it easy-- choose the apps you want to advertise in, control your budget, monitor and update campaigns, all with the click of the mouse. Affordable, transparent, targeted advertising. Seeing is believing.

Our Story

We talk to girls every day – and they listen. We know the girl mobile market inside and out and we know what girls want. Together the team behind MobiGirl Media has produced over 80 apps (both in house and for high profile clients) mostly aimed at the girl market. These apps are consistent chart-toppers, have been featured by Apple numerous times and have been downloaded millions and millions of time by girls all over the world.

The Sweet Spot!During the process of creating apps, it became super clear that there was a need for an easy-to-use ad network that focused only on the girl market. Before MobiGirl Media, the choices for advertising to girls in the mobile space were far from ideal - beer ads, dating-site ads and even X-rated adult content! Frustrating for young girls, frustrating for us as app developers and even more frustrating for advertisers trying reach young girls. That's why we decided to create an ad network targeted to girls only - and MobiGirl Media was born!


The Team

Jen Noonan, Founder and CEO is co-founder of Appsnminded. Prior to Appsnminded, Jen spent over 10 years as a seasoned communications and branding professional who has worked for such industry leaders as HBO, Sega Channel, Request TV and United Talent Agency. In addition to serving as a senior corporate executive, Jen showed her entrepreneurial capabilities when she launched NOM, a critically acclaimed maternity fashion house. Her designs were worn by high-profile clients such as: Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwenyth Paltrow. And seen in top TV shows and movies, as well as featured in major publications like: Vogue, W Magazine, People Magazine, and CNN.

Alison Bradley, Founder and CTO
Over 20 years of start-up experience, with particular strength in user experience design and leading blended onshore/offshore project development teams. Alison founded WackyPuppy Design 15 years ago, and has designed and developed over 50 data-driven web and mobile apps for clients across the US and Europe, including UMG, Thomas Aquinas College, the State of Florida, and many startups.

Cara Hall, Founder and CMO
As the CMO of MobiGirl Media, Cara is responsible for all marketing activities including marketing communications, advertising and promotions. Founded Appsnminded, a girl-centric app production company that has successfully launched over 80 iOS, Android and Windows apps. Prior to Appsnminded, Cara was an senior advertising executive with over 15 years of major agency marketing experience working with high-profile clients. Early pioneer in the digital space, creating cutting-edge campaigns and strategy for key Blue-Chip accounts.